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Warning Mini Clip Led Light

1. This product can artificially control switch, super bright light efficiency not only has the security warning signal role added fashion cool feeling back to you when you are cycling.

2. Suitable for running cycling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

3.Made in plastic material, eco-friendly and non-toxic material, comply with international standard CE ROHS SGS. It accept print customized logo.

4. This product is contracted and fashionable appearance generous, day or night, you wear is fit for the pursuit of fashion and personality

【Series】:Clip light

Product Description

Unique design stays firmly in place will not damage clothing. Attach it to your cloth, bag, belt, coat, collar, pocket, running gear, reflective vest, armband, headband or keychain. This small, portable, personal light is flexible, cordless, and bendable; use it whenever you need a spotlight. DO NOT EVER USE IF YOU WEAR A PACEMAKER.

BRIGHT LED NIGHT LIGHT - 25 Lumens casts a wide beam of light in front of you. Perfect for runners because the light doesn't jitter like a headlight or handheld knuckle lights when you are jogging. Push button on/off switch located on the flat face of the light.


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